Sudha Rajkumar a Saviour in the Torrential Rains


Baskar Seshadri

She is an Engineer working in Tangedco. Mother of two Children.

When it rained heavily in Tuticorin she smelt something wrong and decided that she has a role to play. She left her kids in a Relative’s House and went in the heavy rains to the substation to carry on the work since her presence was essential to give commands in person as the network was down in and around her area.

She has to decide where the power is to be cut and where it has to be restored. She was assisted by few co -workers and linemen and went round the area to ensure that none suffer. She travelled in vehicle and by walk to some places where she has no access of using the vehicle.

She stayed in the office Sub Station all the two days. Meanwhile due to the Increased rain the substation was surrounded by water. She was somehow able to reach her Higher Officials and after sometime they all assisted her and restored power in many places.

After two days stay, she returned to her home to see her children. The whole of people around her neighbourhood was full of Praise.

Kudos to her for the dedication in her service. We are Proud of you Sudha. Let your Tribe Grow.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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