Baskar Seshadri

Mylapore is all set to lose one major landmark building. The 127 years Jammi building is going for a revamp and all connected works in regard to the development project is on and any time the primitive building on Royappetah high road may get razed. This pharma major mainly became very famous due to effective ayurveda medicines. It was initially Jammi Liver cure when it was founded by Jammi Venkatramanayya decades back.

The name he had created in this periphery for his medicines was astonishing. In 1939 Jammi Venkatramanayya passed away. This Ayurveda practitioner came from Andhra Pradesh to have his trade and soon he developed Branches in various other states. He used to conduct the Medical Camp in various locations. Now after the days of Jammi his sons are looking after the activity. All clearances are made and the Builder is all set to take over for the Project. Its BBCL, a Chennai Based Builder. Dr. Narasimmhan V Jammi is the Director of Jammi Pharmaceuticals.

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