Sports Den – A new venture is now in Mandaveli


Baskar Seshadri

Meet Young Sooraj Viswanathan of Mandaveli. He is a lawyer by profession but he had a fire in the belly to make it big and ventured into sports area. He himself is a sports enthusiast and thought of making a new Venture his life time ambition. He did not roam in the market for such a space since he decided his own old house to be the apparel shop. He modified his house with the best of Interiors and today it’s called Sports Den – A new sports outlet in Mandaveli almost first of its kind in this periphery.

This den has all the apparels of all major sports viz Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis and Pickle Ball. Pickle Ball is a new sport to India but a very famous one in United states. This apart he has a wide range of Running Shoes of all sizes and this is almost a sports utility point.  From a lovely tennis racket to all kinds of Sports accessories this shop can be counted on. Since he had ventured into his interesting area, he had shelved his law activity and had decided to concentrate on this new project.

More Interesting about this Den is the lovely Pickle ball court. This huge court had been designed by Suraj and this is specially Built for Pickle ball. Those who are interested to play can come to use the Court for a nominal sum. This is on Hourly Basis.

What’s More interesting is it’s a 24×7 Court. If you feel like cherishing after a late-night work, you can just drop in and have a play with your friends. What if you are hungry and thirsty? No worries. He has a coffee shop and beverage counter too with some snacks to offer. This was inaugurated this Evening by the Ace Tennis Player Tennis Krishnan.

Sports Den is A not to miss sports Joint. Take your loved ones in this summer vacation to this Den. They will love you more.

Sports Den is at 32/68 Fourth Trust Cross Street, Mandaveli, Chennai 28. Adjacent to Chaitanya School Sooraj can be Reached on 95000 13932.

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