Today when I came across a road junction, there is no signal, every vehicle is trying to go first with speed and hurry. More noises, rush & confusions. I thought of an emergency light in every vehicle. Normally ambulances will have such light & sound to move quickly in medical emergency. What, if someone have to catch a train or flight? Heading to an interview or client meet? Rushing to school before the gate closed? Some people may drop their wards & coming back to home in leisure. We really don’t know who is in urgency. In such time, people will think & act differently. This may lead to accidents & damages.

To solve this issue, we can keep an orange light in front & back (without sound) to show emergency; the other vehicle in leisure can blink a green light as a signal to let them go. People have to use this option carefully with civic responsibilities. We can add this in driverless vehicles too. Do you think, this individual signal will be useful?

(Akavazhi 33)

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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