Seshadri Baskar

K.P. Neelamani was a famous tamil writer in those days and my friends including myself used to frequent him since he was operating a small library on Mandaveli street . We used to pick the books often and had a very friendly association for a long time.

He was too friendly and was very much affectionate when all of us were in our mid twenties . After his demise his wife Janaki Neelamani started handling this library work and she has her set of customers who still remember her and make it to pick the books regularly.

Its a small place of less than hundred square feet and Maami fondly being called by everyone used to make it at sharp nine in the morning everyday (of course there was a break for some months during the covid times) to meet the customers.

Leo library is the name of the Lending unit and she charges a nominal sum of Rs Hundred as Membership fee unlike others who charges five hundred and above. She lends only Tamil books and if any body is interested can reach the library at 9444542733.

In the noon after a break she opens the library and its open till seven depending upon the footfall. Maami is such a affectionate person and when I met her this morning she was too kind to speak recollecting our frequent visits in those days and surprisingly. she even said our membership number was hundred.

Few newspapers years back had done story on this Leo Library and she was too happy show all those accolades she has won. At this elderly age (must be above seventy), she is too active and energetic and I wish our friends to support her and become a member. We have to learn a lot from her in life for all the grit and energy level.

When I said, I want become a member and pay afresh she flatly refused and said that I am already a member. What more. she did a fresh membership card and remembered to mention the number as 100 . You know we all had paid just Ten Rupees thirty years back and she still regard all of us are esteemed Members even today. What a integrity and High Ethics it is to adore. My Respects Maami .

The library is near Mandaveli Market opposite to CC Bank .

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