Baskar Seshadri

It was an ordinary Sunday morning and people were busy in shopping, prayers, and vending on South Mada Street Mylapore.

But this girl with her parents was there to perform a rope walk for their survival. Almost similar to what we see in a Circus. She must be around twelve years and am sure she may not be schooling like other children.

Her day starts with a rope walk somewhere on the streets of Chennai to the beating of small handy banjos by their parents. She walks on and on back to back changing the direction.

Her father places a plate under her foot and she manages to walk on that at a height of around ten feet above. Highest level of Focus and concentration and a determined walk it was .There was not a slip anywhere or any sight of wrong footing. Everything was perfect to the core. If only she could be hired for her excellent skills by an event manager in some programmes, she can survive better and keep her family happy afloat to fill the belly.

My heart goes to them. I offered them Chai and little money, the best I could do.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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