The Rise and Fall of Ram Samajam

Baskar Seshadri

When Ayodhya Mandapam was inaugurated it was called initial as Ram samajam and many in west mambalam and T Nagar found the place as more convenient to commute as a place of worship and it had many big signatories on the board. In the beginning only Iyers were permitted inside the same and later some objections were raised that facilitated all were permitted inside years later.

It was only registered as a trust. The face of the mandapam changed as many new comers who became the office bearers had interesting ideas to develop the institution and they also wanted to make the samajam commercially viable.

In the course of the time a kalyana mandapam was raised and a school had started functioning on the lines of a perfect social service link to a specific community. In fact even a Gnanavaapi was raised by them amid some objections those days.

It was once considered to be the best religious hall cum Kalyana Mandapam in chennai at an affordable rate since it also had the facility of a sath Sangh team with more members getting added every year.

The society had some issues with the state Government and after jaya Govt sworn in in 2011, many thought the snow balling issue would come to an end but it went other wise Yes. HRCE Made its first attempt and wanted to bring the samajam into the fold of HRCE and after a legal battle for few years the samaj and the society got a stay order from the court. But it was a short lived one since the court had given the judgement in favour of the HRCE and now the whole of the samajam is in the control of HRCE. Exactly on its golden Jubilee year the society lost its clout and Hold on this Religious centre.

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