Baskar Seshadri

The Court had given time to Sastra college, Thanjavur till 24th March and on the last leg the institution had approached the High court asking the Govt to sell the land to them.

State government had clearly told that the said Place is already earmarked for various projects and it cannot give it to the concerned institution.

First of all it is daring that the said institution which had committed this fraud has the guts to ask the govt and court to give the land to them. Secondly there was no regret in any form by them for all the poaching all these years and in fact they have to pay the Govt for having enjoyed the benefits all these years. Instead now they are asking the stakeholders to give the land.

How a educational institution can be behave like is a million dollar question and please be aware that they are running a Law College. I wish the court Pounce on this corrupt act of the college and admonish them for what they have done all these days as Highly Illegal. if the court still finds its own ways and plug the leak in favour of the college and against the Govt there is no point further in talking about the justice and the so called phrase ever winning truth etal .

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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