The Tetrabyte Man of Mylapore – Venkatesh Ramakrishnan


Seshadri Baskar

If you feel you are bit down don’t look for any physician or a bulky capsule. Get start to one meeting of Venkatesh Ramakrishnan, Historian and Writer and in next one hour you will go out with Bubbling Energy. VR is not new to these  speeches  and he has been doing this for long years on varied subjects and the last one he did was on M K Thiagaraja Bhagavathar was way back in  2018 at  Arkay Convention centre.

VR is precise, fast, and perfect in communication and had understood the knack of holding the audience with a tight grip .In such a recent talk on Last Saturday evening he literally took the audience with him for a near two Hours. The subject was Tamil cinema in 1940s.

VR Stole the show with his quick delivery of tidbits, news of those days of film stars, technicians and all those who were related to the Cinema industry. You name a building here in Madras and he will give the inputs of the story behind that with vital information that runs like a Motion film. His speech is not by- hearted or a mugged one but comes out with a fresh style of flow with High energy.

Do you know how Ganesan (Later it was Sivaji) reacted to Auditor Raman about the coconut trees of AVM? Do you know the last days minute details of Rajakumari who burnt her fingers with Koondukili a film featured both Sivaji Ganesan and MGR?

Venkatesh Ramakrishnan has this and more – He has been doing a home work on these minute matters and grasps it to share with us. Once he takes the stage with the Mike its for sure a shower for a minimum of Two Hours. And i was one among them who was stunned at his fast tempo of truck load of Information on the past history of Madras aka Namma Chennai. His speech is like crazy mohan’s Dialogue. You can’t to afford to miss a piece of Mohans and here that of Venkatesh too.

Arkay Ramakrishnan in his style gave an introductory speech and later it was V R All the way. His speeches are available on you tube and you can log on and watch his old Programmes. Venkatesh Has Plans to talk on-more personalities in the days to come and I will update the events on this wall. Arkay Convention centre is on Royappettah High Road opposite to Nalli Chinnasamy Shop. So Get for the event next and await the calendar from me soon. By the way i had a chance to see my old friends over there for a short chat and that was another interesting piece of information.

Venkatesh Ramakrishnan is also behind the Facebook Group of Madras Local History Group. The last in the image is Mr Ramakrishnan of Arkay Convention centre who carries the fine arts in Mylapore on his shoulders with a strong grit.

Venkatesh Ramakrishan is a resident of Mylapore. When Venkatesh Ramakrishnan speaks on old stories kindling the memories i affectionately wish to call him a Past Perfect Man. Congrats VR

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