Baskar Seshadri

Joseph Pichai Chandrababu was born in 1927 and He died on March 8th in 1974 at the prime age of 47. He would have turned 96 this year had he been alive. A No nonsense man and straight forward person could not survive for long here in the industry. His last days were too pathetic and the owner of the house where he lived had cut the electricity (Babu Could not pay even the small Electricity bill or the rental) and Babu had no means to eat or manage. At Times It was The family of MSV which used to get him the food (Mr Haridas (Late) Younger son of MSV used to be a courier to do errand works for Babu as per the Instruction of Visu and His Mother. Haridas once told me this on a session).

Many oldies May be aware that it was Chandrababu who lived such a lavish life had even built his car parking in the first floor where he used drive in atop to reach home. All came to a standstill and at a point when Bhantalu went to Book him for Sabash Meena (Double role) he insisted that he be paid one Rupee extra than what Sivaji Ganesan was Paid. When the news went to Ganesan he simply said “He is a performer and pay him what he needs”. Such was the generosity and confidence one had in their talent. When everyone left Babu It was Visvanathan who helped him to his best level and as a gratitude – Babu told the people around him on death bed that MSV be informed first about his death. In Deference to his wishes the cortege carrying Chandrababu stopped a while at the House of MS Viswanathan. Then went on to Rest at Quibble islands Cemetery. Today is the day of His Memorial. His life is a Lesson to everyone. An Actor who has no parallel.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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