Gosh , I was on my Helmet – But To Remain within four Walls for a While


Baskar Seshadri

This happened Yesterday Morning (25th March) around five thirty am when i was driving back to my home after a coffee at Saravana Bhavan on Dr Radhakrishnan Salai. When i was driving to take the TTK Road Flyover near Narada Gana sabha i came across bunch of dogs roaring and they were in the Process of Crossing to the eastern end. I thought i can cross over them and managed my driving as usual at the same normal speed but what had happened was Different.

A new set of stray dogs from Sabha side entered the median hole and when i was caught unaware of this i bumped on one stuffy dog.  With no big injury it ran but i fell down on road. I could not get up for a minute and was afraid that some speeding vehicle may ram me. A Good samaritan and another gentleman came and lifted me to the kerb end and got me some water. I was in Terrible shock and pain and i had bruises on my right hand and right leg but nothing on left side. In a minute they left understanding i was normal. I asked one of them to check whether the vehicle was in working condition.

He said yes and i slowly drove back and reached Mandaveli where my home is. I went to bed since i thought i should not disturb anyone. But the pain grew around Eight am and was taken to Isabel’s.  After routine medicine and injections i was given trips. I was advised to take a CT scan after few days if the pain do not recede on the right side of the chest. It was a Hairline crack and i was advised to take rest.

With this current situation i cannot go out on my own, drive a vehicle or even a pick a piece paper from the Ground. I am on my medications. What i do is to sleep, eat or do something light whenever i can.

After the coffee was over a second thought came to me and it told me to go towards Vivekananda College. But i did not heed to that and disobeyed it. Since i wore a Helmet, my head was saved, i think so.

My Friendly Advice –

1 If you come across bunch of dogs or any stray cattle on the road, please stop the Vehicle and allow them to pass

2 Please always use Helmet even if you go to a shorter distance

3 if you come across intruders of any kind, please slow down the vehicle as much as you can

I still feel that i could have handled yesterday’s Situation Better. But I did not. Life is there to teach always

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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