Free Eye Camp at Magral Village Organised by Sevalaya and Pranav Foundation


A free Eye Camp was conducted by Sevalaya trust and Pranav Foundation  at Magral Village on 29.05.2012 at 9.00 am at the Government middle school Magral. Sevalaya is a charatible trust functioning  40 Km west of Chennai.The trust which is involved in sevaral activities to improve the lot of the rural underprivileged takes great efforts to find out the immediate necessities of villages and address those problems. As a part of this service a free eye camp was arranged in this interior village. A team consisting of Dr. Senthil and 5 other members identified the patients who needed surgery and were suffering from other eye disorders. Nearly 120 people benefitted from the camp which conducted screening test for diagnosing different eye disorders. Nearly 62 villagers were supplied spectacles. 38 persons have been identified for free cataract surgery.


Mr. Appadurai Panchayat President Magral was actively involved in the various activities of the eye camp.






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