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Sevalaya is now a household name which has been functioning for almost three decades extending the best of their social services with the best support that pours from various sources like individuals and corporate companies. It was started with just five kids in a rented home in chennai and now it has service facility that is being extended in other parts of Tamilnadu like Trichy, Thiruvallur and Kancheepuram. It is headed by Sri V Muralidaran with the able support from other office bearers/trustees and all these years they have been functioning on PS Sivaswamy Salai near Vivekananda college.

Mr. V. Muralidharan, Founder and Managing trustee of Sevalaya

Now the news is more Big. Mrs. Lakshmi Venkatraman a old resident of Mylapore who was so impressed with the service of Sevalaya had come forward to donate a flat belonging to her on Ananda Road near Abiramapuram. Its not just a donation but it was a real transfer of the deed of the property on the name of Sevalaya.

A 1250 Square feet residential home is now being converted as an office and the service organization is to move there soon. The estimated value of the property in today’s realty market value is close to 1.75 Crores. What a big heart Mam to donate for such a lovely cause?

Mrs. Lakshmi is quiet about all these media reports and she want to stay away from all the lauding reports. She is a writer who has been contributing since late eighties in Arts and Culture section of The Hindu and a critic too. When I approached her over phone for a small appointment she was too hesitant to speak on the said subject but I insisted her that she speak to me for a minute on the said cause. I literally fell at her feet and said it was greatest Generosity I had come across in the recent times. My Pranams Madam.

She is the granddaughter of Late Justice Sundaram on whose name there is a road now near Nageswara rao park and Rama Rao road. One of the Greatest Moments in my life which had melted me on a public cause recently.

Cover Photo: Mrs. Lakshmi Venkatraman

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