Baskar Seshadri

When it comes the aggressive Medical campaign there is no one beat Cancer institute.

The efforts the institution takes in the cancer awareness campaign is novel and those in the service centre in Taramani are highly capable enough to convey through a perfect mode and they are all on the Dot. They conduct the meetings and seminars like many other hospitals and create a clear feeling in the minds of the people that cancer if detected earlier can be ridden Hundred percent without any big fuss.

This apart for the General public they also send across their teams to the schools and colleges and screen awareness films. When it comes to women colleges they stress strong on the Mammogram Point and in the boys schools they explain in detail on all effects of Smoking in a detailed campaign with lectures if needed be inside the halls.

They have for this purpose had bought a high end Luxury Bus with all hi tech facilities worth few crores. They are ably supported by the leading corporates and Banks apart from General Public.

In fact they had a problem in getting a RTO Certificate from the authority and later after the influence was extended by the Minister concerned in the union Govt they were able to get the RTO approval.

The students normally let in the bus in groups and they are all educated on the various prevention Techniques and Food Habits and Life style Practices.

The institute has a special Psycho oncology cell to handle all the related cases. All these are handled effectively by the team of social workers and Strong Volunteer force.

The Photos here shows the Big Bus which came here for a campaign to Mylapore.

Their mission is to canvass and they do this with the greatest Dedication.

Please reach their office in case of any assistance at 8148760887

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