The Sky walk in T Nagar by Greater Chennai Corporation / Southern Railway


Baskar Seshadri

The foot over bridge work which had commenced three years ago had come a grinding halt when covid struck us and it was almost sent to back burner. But now for the past few months the work had picked up a good speed and gained momentum in all spheres. The project which was planned at a cost of Rs Fifty crores but now it had now made a over run .The FOB Is planned to connect the Mambalam Railway Station to T Nagar Bus stand on Madley Road . The over crowding Natesan and Ranganathan street may have a relief once this becomes operational in this messy part of Chennai. One way it is the Flyover on South Usman Road and the thick and dense traffic all through the day had made the road unusable and many fear to travel on this stretch. The work is nearing completion and the top portion to cover the stretch had commenced. It is expected to be completed in few Months and By August this is likely to be operational. We have to wait and watch the impact of this and the State govt has to make certain amendments once this open for public usage.

The Points to be made are –

1 No vehicles should be allowed to ply including a bicycle.

2 Vendors of any kind should not be allowed to have their activity.

3 Traffic police should be posted in this six hundred meters stretch (0.6 km) to ensure smooth walk over by the pedestrians.

4 Since the width of the bridge is around twelve feet i think there may be a bifurcation on this stretch to discipline the users.

5 CCTV cameras should be fixed on all the sides.

6 Since the Police station is nearby a watch tower can be considered on both sides.

7 Manning of the stretch is essential since over crowding may lead to chaos and if necessary the public can be halted to move till the crowd on one end becomes free.

8 A rescue team may be positioned during festival times

9 Selfie activity should be banned here on this point.

10 The exit and entry points on both sides should be made free always free in case of any emergency. Let’s hope this decongest T Nagar a bit.

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