Baskar Seshadri
When I was away on my work this morning I stopped for a while to look at the sunrise and of course the water Birds . When I was enjoying the scenic beauty I spotted one young girl sitting in front of the steps area and Pavement . I initially thought she was doing a sun rise prayer and was about to leave.
But I quickly understood that she was actually feeding those four legged with Marie Biscuits . I was surprised to them enjoying the breakfast with such a speed. When I just asked the girl how she was able to understand that they love biscuits, she said she saw an elderly man sometime ago feeding the same. She was impressed by the action and make it a point to feed whenever she finds time. Its just not a service ,feed , donation or a pass time hobby .
She does this with a big love and literally she speaks with them and loves them . She talks in their language and does all this sitting comfortably for long time in front of them . Shanthi , this young girl says they all love curd-rice among other things . Its a big deal to be nothing inside but with just love . This is wholesome of life and I see the same In Shanthi. Long Live Shanthi.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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