On the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence), I have a different idea & use case. This is a kind of GPS. With the voice or sound, find the location. Following a bird’s voice, finding the exact location, when you are surrounded by a lot of trees (even we can automate a camera to record the bird with the help of Voice GPS; even the bird moves here and there. We can also do this by tracking the motion). Find a person by his / her voice, in a crowded stadium. Find a baby by his / her voice, in a crowded market, beach, play area or theme park. Find a person by his / her voice, in a collapsed building or earthquake disaster. In a huge auditorium or town hall, find a person who is making a question or comment. Similarly we can find who is sleeping by his / her snore or who is disturbing in the crowd.

In addition to this, we can find the voice, whose voice it is, the tone & mood. This will be highly helpful to visually challenged people. In the process of voice recognition, we can create a huge audio / sound library. Then we can find the bird’s voice; also which bird it is. We can also create sound tracks and differentiate sounds which are playing at a time. We can create a hundred separate audio / video records, when a hundred birds are chirping at a time. This is like a natural symphony.
Another addition. We can validate a voice or sound; even if it is human voice, bird, animal, machine, wind.. etc. Verify an original sound; find the duplicate, mimicry & imitation.

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