Acai berry is very good in maintaining a healthy mind and body.The Acai berries are a dark purple and almost black in color giving you an indication of just how good it will be for your body.Acai,an antioxidant works to protect cells from the devastation of free-radicals. Acai berries are harvested as fruit by the locals, but quickly deteriorate once they have been picked. As with all berries that have deep colors they are rich in polyphenols well known for their high properties as being antioxidant.
Acai juice contains powerful antioxidants,anthocyanins (pigments that provide color) and flavanoids that may help prevent heart disease and fight cancer.

In addition to this regular detoxification for your body it goes a long way in helping to boost your immune system and the benefits are that you feel great and look good. Acai berry products are now available in the form of a delicious drink as well as in supplement form that will boost your energy levels while at the same time you enjoy the best in antioxidant qualities.
The extremely high concentration of antioxidants, omega fatty acids, amino acids, fiber and other nutrients are the reason this superfood has more benefits as:
Promote weight loss
Increase energy and stamina
Fight heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other diseases
Boost the immune system
Improve the digestive system
Reduce the effects of aging
Improve vision
Increase sex drive
Large quantities will cause a slight case of diarrhea, but nothing more.

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