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We may be aware of Many institutes offering English speaking courses today and many of them are expensive too. There are few corporate companies which do the teaching like the One Veta which is now gone. And those days it was only Rapidex English book the only source to learn the spoken English.

The main issue in the learning is the shyness and hesitation which some institutes could attend well but what needed now is a private class with a comfortable environment and feel free mind. That is now being offered by Mr. Chandramouli of Mylapore. This gentleman an engineer is proficient in six languages which includes German and French too. He is such a soft spoken person and was too kind enough to spare a little time few days ago when i met him. He is residing in the traditional house in a street where a stalwart of Carnatic Music world lived a decade back. Yes, you guessed it right. He is the son in law of Sri S Rajam Iyer. With such a wide experience in business and having toured most of the countries he preferred to settle in the home town after eventful years. Now in his late sixties he had decided to devote his time to teach people of all age the Spoken English. Please feel free to share a word about this gentleman to your known circles and whoever is interested on this can reach Sri Chandra Mouli on Numbers

93826 99246 or 78240 27011.

He takes classes in the morning between nine am and one and after a break he resumes the classes from four pm to eight pm. Please do not worry about the fees. It’s too moderate and his address is Number 46, Nadu Street, Mylapore the lane opposite to the Kapaleeswarar Temple.

The photo shows Mr Chandramouli in the traditional house of Rajam Iyer. Please enlarge the Photos to have a better view. Let’s support this enterprising man with good deeds in mind.

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