Baskar Seshadri

When it comes to biking in Mylapore and Mandaveli especially in the early morning i take maximum care to ensure that i drive at a low speed. Reasons – Its normally Dark in many places and i am a soft spot for the stray dogs. They are like mossad’s and one may not know from where they emerge out. With a pretty old bike it’s a different story that i cannot raise the speed – It’s like a speed governor for such an old vehicle by default. Back to dogs i am now used to various spot which are Dog -Prone.

Forget about the colours as all of them are black for me right before dawn. Some will try to chase me and i raise my voice outdoing the noise of their barking and it will go quiet. Some will just chase and lift my legs and caution them with My Sssh.

The third category of Dogs will let me pass but chase for a distance which is bit dangerous since i cannot turn back again like Endhiran Rajinikanth and raise my voice.

Fourth is like a Hitchcock Film where the dogs don’t raise a noise but will look at me staringly giving a Chill. I tried different routes to avoid these but i come across different varieties of Experience from different quarters sorry corners.

The same group of dogs doesn’t care about anyone in the day time and i only recollect them when i pass them.

But today i had a different experience when i  had an encounter with the dazzling eyed dogs – This time none of them barked or chased me but i found one my left hand side almost ready to do a Pillion ride.

I kept quiet for a while and slowly moved. Probably it should have been an old dog and seeing my face it could have thought that i can be spared at this age.

Now i have decided to have a Google map to reach the coffee joint in different directions in the dark. And I am now looking for new lanes and by lanes to drive on. I hope i can reach the cafe before eight am.

In the meanwhile if you come across an oldie struggling on the road in the early morning Please realise that it could be me.

Take my SOS Right away and please do not advise me to give up the Coffee. I can a take a bite from a sharp toothed dog but cannot give up the coffee. For me every day is a Coffeebite day

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