From Meenakshi Puthaga Nilayam to Ramraj Cotton House – Its a Long Travel and Its all -Mylapore


Baskar Seshadri

Oldies of Mylapore may well remember the old heritage place that once housed the famous book house Meenakshi Puthaga Nilayam. Their one of the hit publication was “Samaithu Paar” is still a forerunner for cookery recipe booklet even today.

That old building was locked and unused for long years. Someone told it was because of a court case and some quipped it was a family issue that literally stalled any project over there.

Originally the place was owned by Alliance Publication (The building on the right side of the new project) and now it seems it had changed hands in Due Process – It was an old house that remained like a heritage of mylapore and as a small boy I remember having seen the name board over there.

Well, all those now had become a story.

The old building was demolished months back and Its Ramraj cotton House which is going to have its first showroom in Mylapore.

Due for Inauguration today (28th Wednesday) By Minister Mr. P. Sekar Babu (HR&CE) this place had come a long way in the history of Mylapore.

That tiled short house was a landmark building of those days and now it’s going to be a cotton emporium.

More the modification and modernity Mylapore turns it still remain Youngish and Primitive today, tomorrow and ever.

Because the glory of Mylapore is not just a Land or any space but it’s in the hearts and minds of people who  had been travelling with this town all along.

My Heart is in Mylapore and Mylapore is in my Heart.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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