After a heavy rain yesterday, I had a ride on my two-wheeler from Guindy to Tambaram on the GST road, Chennai. I was passing through the metro bridge, received few drops of water from the upper side for few minutes; it makes me feel good. Suddenly I got the idea about Rain Road.

We can create any road into Rain Road with a roof & drizzle; these drops can be very little & micro. We can operate this according to traffic; if there is no traffic or less traffic, we can control this supply. Along with drops, we can create some air waves; we can raise standing garden in both sides & top. We can also play some mild / melody / romantic tunes.

This will make an enjoyable ride, will cool riders & make them calm down. They may think positive & contribute well to the society. This will also bring down all dust from the air. Riders choosing this road can wear a rain coat; pedestrians, who don’t want to get wet, can keep an umbrella. We should make the special road to obsorb water instantly; so, we can avoid accidents. Can keep all Do’s & Don’ts, Disclaimers, Precautions in this road. This can be an adventurous ride upto some extent. We can charge a special toll to maintain, manage these roads.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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