Recently travelled in a bypass road (Chennai Ambattur to Tambaram) after 11 PM. Witnessed a police patrol vehicle crossing me. Understood their purpose, if any accident or somebody in emergency need, they may come forward to help. But, they are rushing in more than 60 KM speed; in bypass, you can’t drive in lesser speed. Even if they saw something, they can’t comeback; because it’s one-way.

Even if they keep CCTV in every kilometer, thay can’t cover the full area.

I got a solution to this issue.

Police can use drone patrol with a camera. Can move the drone camera, wherever they want, on the route. If they find any issue, they can send patrol vehicle or ambulance to the location. Not only in bypass, this drone patrol can be extended to all areas, in addition to CCTV. This is economical & highly flexible.

There is a possibility to hack the drone. I suggest to create invisible drone or bird-like drone to tackle this. If it is traceable by any radar, then we have to apply military technologies to hide from radar.

பதிவாசிரியரைப் பற்றி

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